Staying safe this summer

safety tips for working in the heat

Summer is officially in full swing and many of us have been enjoying the warm weather. The local parks are filled with bikers, runners, people enjoying picnics and kids playing on the playground. The beaches are filled with swimmers, sand volleyball games, boaters and sun bathers. It is a time that is carefree, fun and filled with lots of smiles and laughter. What many of us do not think about while enjoying these activities, is safety. We sometimes are so excited to jump into all the things we love to do that we forget there are precautions that should also be taken. From too much sun, to not getting enough fluids to everyday insect bites, there are many downsides to being outside during the summer months. If you know the common issues and how to correct them, you can enjoy a safe, healthy and fun summer.

heat safety tips

If you are armed with the information and gather the supplies necessary to treat these common ailments, you can relax and enjoy your summer!

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