Five tips to keep you going


Exercise is not an easy task. It requires a lot of hard work, dedication, and motivation. Motivation is hard to come by when you are sweating it out for more than an hour. Here are some tips which should help you keep going and keep you motivated during your workouts:

1) Envision it:

Get a photo of yourself when you were in your best shape. You may also get a photo which might make you realize your goals. Put that photo somewhere where you will see it daily to keep you going.

2) Post and share:

Post photos of your progress on social media which might be appreciated by your family and friends. This will create a support system. This might also inspire others.

3) Learn from your mistakes:

No man is perfect. We are bound to make mistakes. So, instead of fearing them, we must learn from our failures. Our body is so complicated that if you are expecting a two-pound loss in a week, it might not happen. You must learn to refocus and learn from past experiences. This will keep you on the right track.

4) Download fitness apps:

Download fitness apps which provide personal training. There are many fitness applications which provide audio instructions and even motivation cues such as “Gain fitness,” “Endomodo” etc. You can customize your workouts using these apps.

5) Find a workout buddy:

One of the best ways to motivate yourself during workouts is to workout with a friend. Encourage each other to workout. Keep each other inspired.

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