Beat the heat this summer


The summer heat seems to be increasing day by day. It is already May, and the temperatures have already crossed 40 degree Celsius. Summer always brings with it, its own set of headaches. We are always in a constant battle to keep ourselves hydrated, trying to keep cool and try not to get sick. We have compiled the following list of DIYs which might help in keeping you cool and happy during the summer months.

1) Drink More Water: Drinking enough water is very important especially if you want to keep yourself hydrated in the summer. Of course, it is not the only way to keep yourself hydrated. You can try other drinks as well, but water is free and easily accessible for most of us.

2) Avoid Direct Sunlight: The period from 10 am to 3 pm are the peak hours of the Sun’s strength. We would suggest not to stay under the sun for more than half an hour.

3) DIY Air Conditioner: One such air conditioner is the Styrofoam and fan version. For this, you would need a Styrofoam cooler, some icepacks, and a fan. Cut a large hole out of the top of the cooler such that most of the fan’s air could blow into it and then add ice packs in the cooler.Cut off the return holes from one side of the box. It is quite an inexpensive method when compared to running an AC for the entire summer.

4) Try to avoid the sudden changes in temperature: It is not advisable to quickly move to an extremely hot environment from a relatively cool environment. First, bring yourself down to the room temperature before venturing out in the sun.

5) Ballon Pinata: Fill up balloons with water and attach them to a string. Utilize the end of the string to secure to a tree limb or fence post. Start the Pinata beating with a plastic bat.

6) Cold foot bath: To beat the summer heat dip your feet in the icy cold water.

7) Body deo: Take one Cucumber, lemon, one teaspoon each of Alo Vera and rosewater and blend them for a minute. Strain the juice out and then drop the liquid in a bottle and spray over your body to give yourself a fresh feeling.

8) Home-made sprinkler: Take a large soda bottle and make some eight to ten holes. Take a hose washer and a hose connector and turn both the pieces on the end of the bottle. Append the flip side to the hose. Now turn the water on enjoy your own sprinkler.

9) Take regular showers: Keep yourself clean and go for a cold water shower. It will freshen your body and mind. Staying clean will also help prevent infections.

10) Death Valley desert trick: Hang a damp sheet in an open window when the air outside is dry and cooler than inside. This method cools the incoming breezes.

11) Stay cool and avoid a restless sleep: In case sleeping becomes difficult due to the higher body temperature, you can use a special pillow such as the “Chillow,” or you can place the bedsheets in the freezer for about 30 minutes before going to bed. Always remember to switch to Cotton clothes before going to sleep.

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