DIY – Twine Lampshade


How to Make Twine Lampshade 

By now, its likely you’ve seen or heard of these yarn balls. Often used to decorate weddings, hung as unique chandeliers, or used simply as decorative balls, these tasteful DIY spheres make an outstanding centerpiece.

Materials you would need

  1. Balloons School glue
  2. Corn Starch
  3. Petroleum Jelly – *optional
  4. Scissors
  5. Yarn or twine

Steps you need to follow 

Step 1: Blow up balloons to different sizes. Balloons that are perfectly round can be found online, otherwise some balloons may have an oval or pear shape.


Step 2: Rub your balloons with thin layer petroleum jelly. This prevents the yarn from sticking to the balloon when you remove the balloon from the yarn casing once it has hardened. This step is optional – we did not use the petroleum and the balloons popped just fine without sticking to the hardened yarn. (Optional)

Step 3: Mix white school glue, with water and cornstarch in a bowl. Add a little bit of water and cornstarch at a time, mixing until the consistency is paint-like.


Step 4: Dip your chosen yarn or twine in the glue mixture. Make sure the yarn is fully saturated with the glue mixture, this ensures that your yarn will hold its shape once it has dried. Wrap the yarn around the balloon until you’ve reached your desired look.


Step 5: Hang the wrapped balloons from the knot to dry. Place newspapers underneath your hanging balloons to prevent any excess glue mixture from dripping on your floor. It may take a day or two for them to dry completely. Once dry, the balloons will fill stiff.


Step 6: Separate the balloon from the yarn by pushing the balloon. Slowly let the air out of the balloons by making a small hole or cutting the balloon at the tie and continue to gently separate the yarn from the balloon’s surface.

Hooray All done! Here they are all together in your happy new home.

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